Thursday, March 23, 2017

Post-op Day 17 Update


Today is POD #17....
I haven't posted this week because I have been battling a little cold or allergy thing.  Let me tell you, the last thing you want is to be sneezing and coughing with surgical incisions!  It burns across each breast and my abdomen when I cough.  Thankfully, I seem to be on the upside of it today and I didn't have it nearly as bad as my poor son.

Anyway....I went to see my amazing and wonderful Surgical Oncologist, Dr. K on Monday for my 2 week post-op visit.  It was the quickest appointment ever!  He basically just told me that the final pathology came back just as it was in the OR on surgery day....perfectly clear margins and clean lymph node biopsy.  He reiterated that because I chose the bilateral mastectomy, I had no further necessary treatments, so I am good to go as a CANCER FREE patient!  As a BREAST CANCER SURVIVOR I still need to see him in 6 months, just for follow-up.

Bonus, no more mammograms....ever!  He did say that he wants me to still do breast self-exams.  Dr. K said that there can always be changes in reconstructed breasts (i.e. scar tissue, fat necrosis, etc.) and that becoming familiar with my new breasts is a good thing.  I can start doing this as soon as I am released to begin incisional massage...probably next week. (My Plastics nurse said I had to wait until all the scabs are gone to begin massage with Cocoa Butter.)

On that note, I thought I'd share some updated photos from can see the swelling has gone down significantly.  Although, I do feel more swollen by bedtime.  Dr. K commented on the "great symmetry" for after the first procedure!  They do seem pretty even.  :)

POD #17...Abdomen after
Bilateral Skin-sparing Mastectomy with DIEP Flap Reconstruction

POD #17...Breasts after
Bilateral Skin-sparing Mastectomy with DIEP Flap Reconstruction

Wearing a good bra is key!  I definitely notice if I don't have support.  I swear these gals weigh a ton!  I think its just the numbness that makes them feel that way.  It's kind of an odd feeling.  My abdomen is numb in most places too.  And, everything tingles when I ride in the car....that's really weird!
This is what I wore to my MD appointment
on Monday....felt good to wear a real bra!
The last couple of days, I've been wearing sports
bras...def. the more support, the better.

Incisions all seem to look good.  The abdomen seems to be moving along faster than the breasts.  
Abdominal incision close-up...POD #17

I'm off all meds as of Monday.  I have taken Ibuprofen a couple of nights this week; not due to true pain, but from stiffness in my back and arms from sleeping and sitting propped up all the time.  This sleeping upright on my back is getting really old!  I dream...literally...about cuddling on my side with a pillow!  
No other real excitement here.  I'm getting bored at home and it is hard to be so limited in what I am allowed and able to do.  Next week, I am looking forward to starting some arm exercises and possibly starting to drive.

Oh!  I got a call yesterday inviting me to join a team for the Komen Race for a Cure on Saturday, April 8th.  I'm not sure I'll be up to walking the whole 5K, but Survivors only have to complete part so I am definitely going to try.  My son is planning to walk with me too!  #FightLikeaGirl #TeamJules

Hope y'all are having a terrific first week of SPRING!

12/22/16  Routine Screening Mammogram
01/18/17  Repeat Imaging and US of left breast; LUMP found.
01/20/17  Core Needle Biopsy
01/24/17  Biopsy results positive...Stage 0 DCIS, left breast
01/25/17  Meeting with Breast Center Navigator and Genetic Testing
01/30/17  Consultation with Surgical Oncologist, Dr. K
02/08/17  Consultation with Plastic Surgeon
02/21/17  Pre-op Visit with Dr. O's nurse
02/27/17 Pre-op Labs and Testing
03/05/17 Lymph Node Injection
03/06/17 SURGERY DAY!
03/10/17 Home!
03/16/17 10 day Post-op Visit with Plastic Surgery nurse
03/20/17  2 week Post-op Appointment with Surgical Oncologist, Dr. K

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